Richard Kennedy – Open Wound in a Pool of Sharks (SWT010)

Sweat Equity is pleased to announce ‘Open Wound in a Pool of Sharks,’ the debut solo EP from artist Richard Kennedy.  Drawing from a wealth of talent in New York and abroad, Kennedy dives into a series of sultry slow-burners, following a path through path through emotional turmoil, self actualization and reconciliation, ultimately finding redemption through his own voice, and the power of self-articulation, all scored by track collaborations with Michael Promassit (Bottoms), Bruno Coviello (Light Asylum), Yves Tumor (PAN Records), Jeremiah Meece (Nina Pop), and Stress (representing the home team).

Sweat Equity Presents Vol. 2: Summer Jams

One good turn deserves another, or so they say, as SweatEquity® returns to the fore for some “Summer Jams.”  Featuring another round of all-star contributions and collaborations that should keep your feet moving as the sun goes down and the pavement stays hot. 

F1k – Touched Music (SWT 008)

Baltimore mainstay F1K heads north to his old stomping grounds for “Touched Music,” a 5-track affair of home-brew electronics applied towards scorched earth techno signifiers.  A bare-knuckle affair feat. a guest remix by DJ Earl ;D

Sommelier – i said i’m not to be bothered (SWT007)

Move to the sounds of Philadelphia by ways of Sweat Equity’s first offering of 2016: Sommelier.  i said i’m not to be bothered runs the gamut in terms of techniques and touchstones, always moving forward while maintaining a healthy sense of space and depth. Equally rec’d for chin-scratchers and jackers alike.


Sweat Equity Corp.™ closes out a productive second half of 2015 with a fine release to shareholders in the form of HOT NEW TRACKS, a 20-track portfolio release documenting the best in young production talent from our franchise programs nationally.  Thank you!

Looking forward to a strong 2016! 

Ali Berger – Respect (SWT005)

Mr. Ali Berger Esq., former head committee member of grooves for SEC™ Boston and current Detroit franchisee,  brings forth a stunning arrangement of full-flex grooves for this release, SWT005, titled Respect.  Features slippery acid workouts, meditative dance-floor ruminations, and stunning key arrangements.

Cole – Edging (SWT004)

Cole brings a hot and heavy tinge to the cutting jabs of the Sweat Equity Corp.™’s curatorial mission for this year, marking the label’s first vocal-centered release, but surely not its last(!!!).
Product features:
— 5-tracks
— sexually-charged
— catharsis-inducing
— good for bedroom


Daniel Creahan, CEO and Dir. of Global Operations SEC™ hereby announces his first release under the Stress alter-ego, compiling a murky quartet of shifting grooves and staggered, drum-centric workouts that turn his work with NY Corp. affiliate Mind Dynamics towards a more introspective locale.


Hello World!

Following up on the highly regarded first release for Sweat Equity, revenue owners are very pleased to announce Weed Farm, the second offering from our team, and the debut EP for Mr. JX Cannon.  Mixing cell phone buzzes with doubled up kicks, soul hooks with laidback bass slides, the album’s wide palette of grooves is perfect for the summer listener.


Hello world!

Sweat Equity revenue owners are pleased to announce the inaugural release for good friend/collaborator Plebeian, four techno compositions recorded live in Brooklyn.  Featuring a diverse range of offerings, the album is a striking and affordable first entry in his oeuvre under the Plebeian moniker, including collaboration with Lily Konigsberg of musical act Palberta.